Matan Golan , 1988 born and raised in Israel.

The world which we are living in was always fascinating for me, Dreams about far-away scenery and culture filled my childhood. The love story with Photography started somewhere at elementary school - we were givan an old SLR's and a film, developing film and printing the photos in the school's dark room - it was Magic.
For the first time I could make someone see and feel exactly how I felt at certain moment, the adult translation - sharing your point of view and ideas with the reast of the world.

After my army service I went to explore Africa by foot for six months - accompanied by two cameras, a few lenses and a very heavy bagpack. During my service I held my camera only a few times - and then, in the middle of the black continent - I started SEEING the world again. Paying attention, investigating details, looking at pepole's souls through the metal and glass box in my hands.

Since I came back from my journey I started learning Enviroment Designing in Shenkar collage in Ramat-Gan, but the main goal is making a living as a nature photographer freelancer. Currently - I am offering wildlife, nature, scenery and culture pictures prints for sale, mostly from Africa.

"I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it. " Author unknown