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BW Photo of Masai kids clearing the path to a cattle herd in TanzaniaAfrican road view of a cycler and a school girlBlack & White portrait of a masai man wearing traditional costumblack and white portrait of an african Old Man in TanzaniaBW portrait of an old Woman carrying ש Banana cluster on her head on the way to the market in Marangu, TanzaniaBlack & White Portrait photo Zanzibar Young man carving a Cinnamon tree branch for saleYoung boy with reflective eyed and adult "observation" next to his sister in NamibiaYoung African Girl wearing old dirty cloth smiling to the camera in NamibiaTanzanian Boy Reflective eyes, portrit for sale was shot in mabilioni village in the Tanzanian Pare MountainsMasai Man leaning on his walking stick in front of a stormy sky in Tanzanian Pare mountainsA young man sitting on top of a wooden boat looking at the horizon in Zanzibar Island photo for saleA shy Masai young Girl covered with a blue clothBlack & White portrait photo for sale of African family on a home treshholdAfrican elderie Village man working in the Banana field around his home in Marangu, Tanzania